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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Glamour Bar Denver Review

Don't you love it when your to-do list involves pampering and glamour?  Me too.
 Recently I was invited to check out a salon in Denver, called Glamour Bar.  With a name like that it was a no brainer.... sign me up.  Glamour Bar is Denver's premier beauty bar, offering services for hair, nails, and lashes.  Owner Lyndsay Wilson was very welcoming and has extensive knowledge about everything related to beauty.

My hair was starting to show the effects of a dry, Colorado winter, so I chose a deep conditioning treatment, along with one of their signature blow outs. 
The first thought that came to my mind when I arrived, was that I wanted to move in.  The d├ęcor is clean and modern, yet glamorous.  Think white, Lucite, gold, and crystal chandeliers.  I was already getting ideas to redo my house while my hair was being washed.  (And my poor husband thought he was finally done with my remodeling projects!) 
The next thing that impressed me was the Unite products that they used.  When my hair was washed, my stylist had me feel my hair to see if I could tell a difference after using Unite shampoo.  It was instantly silky.  Not only is it free of sulfates, parabens and sodium chloride, but it's super concentrated and volumizing as well as conditioning  - a combination I'm always searching for.  Of course I left with a bottle of that, as well as the Smoothing Conditioner, and 7 Seconds, which is a leave in conditioner. 

Since using the products at home, I have become obsessed with all of them, but particularly the 7 seconds product.  I have about one day a week while I am detangling my wet hair after a shower that I declare, "that's it!  I'm cutting off my long hair!"  It is ALWAYS full of tangles, and takes me forever to comb out.  I have tried all different kinds of detanglers, but they never work.  This stuff works -  I spray it on and my comb glides effortlessly through my hair.  It's kind of amazing.   It also works as a UV and thermal heat protectant, so bonus for combining 2 of my daily steps into 1. 

Drinks were offered, my blow out was relaxing, my hair ended up looking healthy and full of bouncy waves.... and then it was time to leave.  Bummer.  This is the type of place that you want to hang out in all day with your girlfriends.  And you easily could, with plenty of treatments such as mani/pedis, spray tans, custom lip bar, and lash extensions, which is what I'm trying next!  Plan a visit to Glamour Bar, you will not be disappointed! 

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  1. I read your review about Glamour Bar Denver. Looks like a sensational place to visit, after viewing the images you share about the beauty bar. The bar seems really clean and luxurious at first sight. Would like to visit there as soon as possible.