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Friday, August 1, 2014

Glam Hiking

We just got home from a long weekend in Aspen, Colorado.  While we were hiking I realized I really needed a backpack, and my husband's blue and black one was not going to cut it.  The search for a white backpack began as soon as we returned from the trip. 
He laughs at my packing problems whenever we go to the mountains, but seriously, as much as I love all of the hiking and biking, I always feel like I look like a boy!  And that's never a look I'm going for, no offense to boys.  Yes I like clothes, even when hiking, and no I can't help it.   I decided a little shopping was in order, as the active part of my wardrobe needed a little "sparkle."

I figured if glamping exists, why can't I go glam hiking?  Shades of shimmery gray and chic silver came to mind, with a great backpack to top it all off, of course.  And a little pink never hurt anyone.  These looks will take you from hike to dinner, and looks much more glam than those boyish cargo shorts and sporty backpacks.

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