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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

$49 Pinterest Special! Meal Plan from Body Rock Fitness

Sparkle, Sweat, and Juice has teamed up with Body Rock Fitness to bring you an amazing offer! 
Amy Marolf of Denver, Colorado, is the owner of Body Rock Fitness.  She has clients from all over the country, as well as internationally.  If you are needing help taking your body to the next level, she can help. 
Pinterest special!!!! Meal plan for only $49. Includes: 
*Two meals each for breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, afternoon and dinner
*Get your best body ever by dialing in your diet and sticking to a meal plan. Eat enough. Eat frequently. Eat clean. GET RESULTS! You'll lose weight and burn fat. It's the key to being fit and lean!

*How much water to drink
*What vitamins to take
*Grocery list 
*Bonus recipe for homemade protein bars that count as a meal!

Delicious meal ideas to keep you on track
Prep your meals ahead of time!
For your copy, please contact the owner of Body Rock Fitness at Amy.Marolf@yahoo.com.

*Please specify the special Pinterest offer price
A release of liability must be signed. No refunds. Custom meal plans are also available! 



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