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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Produce Tips for Juicing & Blending

I thought I would share with you some random tips about what parts of the produce to use.   It may be helpful to some of you if you're just starting out with juicing and blending.


Apples - It's best to remove the seeds from apples as they contain trace amounts of arsenic. 

Lemons & Limes -  Peel these fruits for blending, but throw the whole thing (seeds and all) for juicing

Oranges - I always peel oranges for blending, but leave them on for juicing

Grapes - Remove the stems for blending, but throw them in whole on the vine for juicing.  The stems contain nutrients too!  Grapes add a ton of sweetness to juice or smoothie, I like to pair them with lemons to bring out their flavor and add a sour taste.

Bananas - May not be juiced, if you want to add them to your juice you have to add the bananas and finished juice together in a blender.  Great for making smoothies creamy, they also add a ton of sweetness, perfect for beginners!

Cranberries - I love to buy bags and bags of cranberries in December to wash and freeze.  They're super cheap and add a nice tart taste to smoothies.  Also great in juice (just not frozen!)

Pineapple - One of my favorite fruits to add, it covers the taste of greens very well

Watermelon - You can juice and blend the watermelon rind, as it contains citrulline, an amino acid that aids in circulation

Avocado - Yes, they're a fruit! Wonderful added to smoothie to enhance the creamy texture, should not be juiced

Cucumber - (Also a fruit).  Buy them in sealed plastic, if possible.  The green peels are bursting with silica, which is essential for producing collagen that keeps skin youthful.  If you can't find them wrapped, peel them since they will have been coated in wax.


Carrots - Always remove carrot stems and leaves, they can be toxic in large doses (containing both alkaloids and nitrates)

Beets - Beets add great sweetness and are a good blood purifier.  If you work out you'll want to add beets, they are very helpful in muscle recovery.  Equally as nutritious are the stems and leaves, don't discard!

Radishes - 1 radish goes a long way in a smoothie, you could probably get away with 3 in a juice, but the flavor it strong.  Don't pass them up though, they are one of the top foods at dissolving mucus in your body.  A clean intestine not clogged with mucus more efficiently absorbs nutrients.  It's hard to find them with leaves but if you do be sure to use them too!

Red Cabbage - Any vegetable from the cabbage family is a potent cancer preventer.  I like to alternate greens with purple cabbage so I make sure I'm getting a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. 

Kale/Collard Greens/Swiss Chard/Spinach - These are my staple greens, use as much of them as you can tolerate in your juice or smoothie.  Spinach is the sweetest of these.

Lettuce and packaged salad mixes - Lettuce is a great way to switch up your greens, be sure to select the darkest green and red leaves you can find.  Packaged salad mixes are a wonderful timesaver, since they are prewashed and chopped, simply throw them in!

Broccoli - Save the tough stalks from last night's steamed broccoli, they are perfect for both juicing and blending


Parsley & Cilantro - Two of my favorite herbs to throw in, they add a fresh herbal taste that I think complements any juice.  Be sure to use their long stems, as they are rich in nutrients

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