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Friday, April 4, 2014

DIY Closet Monster Hamper for Kids!

My kids are a little too young for chores.  However, I'm trying to teach them to be responsible for their own things and to start helping out around the house.  No matter how hard I try to keep up, I can never stay ahead of the laundry.  What really gets me is at the end of the day, while tucking my kids into bed, I trip over piles of their dirty clothes.  I've asked them time and time again to put their clothes in the laundry room at night, but it just never happened.  One rainy day we were doing art projects in the basement, and I spotted a Pampers box.  I decided to try a new angle.  We cut out pieces of construction paper and taped them all over the box, and cut out eyes and arms.  After it was put together, I took clear packaging tape and taped over the entire thing so it wouldn't rip.  This is the result - a silly (not scary!) closet monster hamper that needed to be fed every night with dirty laundry.  I warned the boys that if they didn't put their clothes in, he would tickle them in the middle of the night!  Well, it worked, this quick and simple project has led to a much tidier room.  By turning my nagging into a fun bedtime routine, they are now excited to run and feed their monster before getting their pajamas on every night. 

1 large cardboard box
different colors of construction paper
scotch tape
clear packaging tape

Cut the construction paper to fit the box, and tape to the sides, top, bottom, and inside.  Cut out arms and eyes, decorate with markers, and attach with tape.  Go over the entire monster with the clear packaging tape to seal.  Done!

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