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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cake Pop Display Tip!

My kids and I love cake pops.  I really love it when Starbucks make them and I buy them, but for as much as we eat them around here, it makes more sense to make them homemade.  Plus, it's fun for the kids.  The worst part about making cake pops at home?  Trying to stand them upright until the candy melt is set.  I've tried displaying them upside down, but they stick to the wax paper and lose all of the candy coating on the bottom.  So then I tried poking holes in a cardboard box, which is time consuming, not my idea of fun, and still flimsy.  They ended up falling into each other.

 Enter the best cake pop stand - the Boon "Grass Countertop Drying Rack."  My Mother gave me this when I was pregnant with my third baby-it's for keeping all of the bottle parts upright while drying.  We love it and it's always on the counter next to the sink.  As I was making cake pops last week, this caught my eye and I thought, "finally, I found the perfect thing!"  It worked perfectly and ended up being a cute way to display them for my son's birthday party as well. 

I placed a sheet of wax paper over it while I was making them.  After dipping the cake pops, I poked them through the wax paper to dry them.  That way you don't have to clean it if any of the pops drip.  Once all of the cake pops are set up, remove them and the wax paper, and place them back on the "grass" to serve.  Looks like we won't be donating this along with all of our other baby gear:)

Where to buy:
Target (of course) OR:


  1. Thank you, my one moment of genius!:)

  2. I was wondering where you got that at. I just might have to run by Target & pick one up. I hate the flat spots on the cakepops.

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