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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Why I started this blog.....

I made my first green juice in 2008, while pregnant with my second child.  I had no idea what to expect, just knew I wanted to be healthier.  Thankfully after a little convincing, my husband was eager to try it too, so we went to Target and bought a Jack LaLanne juicer for $100.  After putting kale, spinach, celery, carrots, beets, apples, and grapes down the chute, we were pleasantly surprised.  This was going to be easy to get my full servings of vegetables a day, I thought.  I liked eating healthy, but truth be told didn’t love salads, and never seemed to eat a lot of fruit during the day.  This is huge I thought, life changing!    We continued juicing regularly (a couple times a week) for 3 years, ultimately blowing up the motor of the first juicer and having to replace it with the Breville juicer.  My husband, who needed a little convincing about the first juicer, rushed to the mall that day with me to replace the juicer by noon.  Safe to say we were addicted. 

My only complaint about juicing is the clean-up.  I didn’t mind washing and chopping all of the vegetables, it felt good to be preparing something so healthy.  When I finally learned about the Vitamix, I was ready to give up the juicer and give blending a try.  What sold me was the fact that all you do to clean the Vitamix is rinse it out, fill it with water and soap, and turn it on for a minute.  That fact meant I could be “juicing” every single morning, even on busy days!  So we passed down our trusty juicer and converted.   I’m truly a fan of both methods.  To say the Vitamix has changed our lives is true, we start each day with a cocktail of fruits and veggies, sometimes even having it for lunch.  It felt good to fill the shopping cart with armloads of produce, even if we do get a few strange looks from the store clerks, often asking us what we make with all of these vegetables! 

My kids love to help juice!

I started this blog because I so often get emails from friends and acquaintances asking me for advice on how to get started juicing, what to juice, how often, etc.  I thought it would be easier to share what I’ve learned through experience on a blog rather than typing the same message repeatedly.   I don’t claim to be an expert on any of this, rather just excited to share what is such an important part of my daily routine that makes me feel so alive and healthy!

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