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Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Red Radish

The Red Radish

raw fruit and veggie smoothie

Blend together:
1-3 radishes
7 radish leaves
3 asparagus stalks
1/2 banana (use a full banana if you like your juice sweeter)
1/4 cucumber
6 blackberries
1 apple
1/4 cup frozen cranberries
1/2-1 cup water
Place the cucumbers, blackberries, and apples in first, followed by the asparagus, radish and radish greens, banana, and frozen cranberries.  By putting the watery fruits and veggies in first, it helps to blend the greens and the frozen cranberries.  You can use fresh cranberries, although you may just want to add a few ice cubes so your drink is cold.
I always buy English cucumbers, which are sealed in plastic.  If you buy regular cucumbers they are waxed, and you should peel them first.  Peeling them however removes the beneficial silica from their skin as well as other nutrients, which is what makes them so good for your skin!
Radishes are one of the harder vegetables to cover up in juicing and blending, as far as taste.  I try to include radishes a few times a week however, because they are one of the best foods for dissolving mucus in your body.  If your intestines are coated with mucus, you're not efficiently absorbing nutrients from your food!


  1. Thank you for all of these great recipe ideas! Do your kids have a very favorite, like your "go-to"?

    1. Thanks for checking out the blog! Yes, they do, I will post a few kids recipes very soon, but basically they love anything with pineapple and banana. It also helps to let them pick a few of the greens to put in, they get excited and can't wait for everyone to try their "recipe!" Look for a kids post soon!