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Monday, January 27, 2014

DIY-Sequin embellished, rolled cuff capris

I've been looking for white capris already this year, but I was having trouble finding the right pair.  I really wanted some kind of sparkly embellishment on them, but not really on the back pockets.  What about sequins on the rolled cuffs?  Perfect!  Or not.  Can't find anything like it, anywhere.  So, I decided to try to make them myself.  Not one of my favorite activities, DIY-ing that is.  But it couldn't be that hard, right?

1.  First I grabbed a pair of white jeans from last year, and cut them a little longer than capri length, that way when you roll the cuffs they will be the perfect length.

2.  Next I used fabric glue to secure the cuff so it wouldn't keep unrolling.  Make a 1/2 cuff, and glue that, then roll the cuff up to the desired width that you want (make it as your ribbon).   Oh I know, I know, shouldn't I just sew them??  You can, have at it!  I can't even sew a button. 

3.  Next, cut the sequin fabric, very carefully to fit over the cuffs.  I ended up using this ribbon with simple studs from the Project Runway ribbon line.  They had so many fun ones to choose from that is was hard to make a decision!  Try not to cut the sequins (or whatever embellishment you're using) in half at the edge. 

4.   Now glue the ribbon all over and press onto the cuff.   This was a little tricky.  Just keep holding the fabric down as you go. 

5.  Press down for a minute or two to let it set to the fabric, then leave it alone and let it dry overnight. 
6.  That wasn't so hard after all!  Pretty, sparkly white capris in no time.  Next up, my black jeans that were always just a little too long??